Miss Nomer's Excellent Adventure

Miss Nomer's Excellent Adventure

Friday, 17 February 2012

Ambridge Rose

And one Charles Rennie Mackintosh bud. :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's a dog's life.

This is Lila our French Bulldog. She is really a wonderful doggy, she is very gentle and good and easy to care for and very quiet.. too quiet even. She doesn't make a peep if she needs to go out she just sits at the door and waits and looks at you. She can bark but she just rarely does unless she finds a a lizard or a strange cat or something. She is very snuffly and she snores really loud though. Her snuffling around the room sniffing things annoys DH but she is a good vacuum cleaner. She is usually very well behaved but she can sometimes be a bit naughty. I let her hang around with me inside when it is hot or cold or raining or just because. We let her sleep inside on a beanbag in the lounge room too but she always wants to sneak onto the couch.. just because she's not allowed to I'm sure.

Here she is giving me a dirty look because has just been kicked outside for trying to steal our dinner! It was a pizza box on the floor and the kids were getting some out of it when a certain little doggy made a lunge for it. I guess it was a bit too tempting to just sit idly by.

And here she is looking up at me hopefully because I called her name. She went and sat on her outside bed trying to impress me with her goodness.

She really is a cute little Snuffy. I call her Snuffy sometimes when I'm talking to her. :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Yet more rose pics.

Yellow Button's first bloom lasted until this very warm afternoon when it shattered as I started picking off leaves. It has the most horrible blackspot that I have every dealt with. I'm not sure if it is a weakness with Yellow Button or if it is the result of the treatment at the hardware store. Most roses I see there (and some other nurseries) have loads of blackspot. I put it far away from the rest of my roses and I'll see how it goes. Fabulous flowers though they stayed open on the plant for well over a week.

The Alnwick Rose sprung this flower open on me today. I didn't notice it there yesterday. The petals are looking very formally arranged.
And 2 hours later she has closed up for the night!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Be mine.. roses.

Happy Valentine's Day!!   

I don't know if you celebrate it but I like to try and convince DH it's a good excuse to take the opportunity to be a little bit romantic.  He is not very enthused but last year I convinced him to buy me my first rose (Pierre de Ronsard) so it's my first Rose-iversary too! Now I think I should get a new rose again today don't you?
I like St Cecilia's pale pink cups they are suitably romantic for today but her foliage is a little bit yuck. She was the first one to show signs of rose mosaic virus. It is very difficult or impossible to find non-virused versions of some roses in Australia. Most of my Austins seem to have it but mostly it doesn't seem to affect them except for making the leaves a little bit ugly.

The bud had a great hole in it munched by a bug but it still looks pretty good.

Funny Middle

Yeah today sucked. Valentine's Day might be ok for people who have nice enthusuastic partners/spouses but mine has been a butthead.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The surprise rose.

I forgot to update you on what my *surprise* rose turned out to be.

I was a little bit disappointed because it grows a bit big for me to just try to squeeze it in somewhere and the blooms are very pretty but not so large and impressive in relation to the size of the bush to make it worth keeping. I have adopted it out to Mum. My parents live in a tiny town about 10-15 minutes drive from here. It is a beautiful place. They have a yard twice the size of ours with a smaller house on it and a wonderful cottage garden with all sorts of plants and veggies, flowers and roses (but no English roses dad doesn't like them). Mum has planted it, as I understand, on their border and partly on her neighbour's property (with permission) so they can both enjoy the blooms. I think it is a pretty easy-care rose that you can ignore and enjoy. 

And what's for dinner today? I often cook from scratch because I am a bit fussy about packet sauces/bases but when I find one I like I'm happy to stick with it. I love this one all it needs is 500g chicken breast, 1 leek, 3 carrots, 3 potatoes. It was really quick to put this dinner on it took about 25 mins including the clean up. I put a bit extra of everything in it except leek - I only ever buy 1 of those just for this dish. I do love leeks but I don't have many good recipes for them.
My kids extremely dislike anything that resembles a casserole and my husband is not that fussed on them but I LOVE them so too bad for them weirdos.
***Update... they have changed the sauce and watered it down. Now it is bland and terrible. I'm disappointed as this was my favourite one. I thought it was odd that the directions used to say to add half a cup of water and this time it didn't. Why do they have to keep messing with good things and mess them up?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Summer Shoot

The orange Chinese lantern.
Macro of a pincushion flower.
Ambridge Rose. Another one right down near the graft.

Ambridge Rose

St Cecilia
St Cecilia
St Cecilia

Yellow Button fading to a pale yellow.

The pink calla lily that I thought was smooshed to death has come back and multiplied. :)

The pink Chinese lantern.

Copper daisy in the sun.

What came up where I planted my dahlias... :*(

The front path with Summer Memories rose.

My new lacecap hydrangea. It's my first one. I like it. I hope it doesn't die, it was on sale because it was sunburnt but not as bad as mine are here anyway.

Yay the perennial nemesia is self-seeding! At least something good sprang up with all the weeds down the side of the house.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pretty cute..

And that is all for now. I promised to take a girl from church out for lunch.. oh such a chore. ;)  Then I have to get home and make the house beautiful and bake a banana cake for my beloved hubby's birthday today. 34 baby!! We are really feeling like grown-ups now.